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Schelcher Prince Gestion is a boutique asset management company serving third parties, founded in 2001. Schelcher Prince manages roughly €7 billion of investments worldwide for institutional investors, French and European distributors, and independent wealth advisors.


Our investment strategies are centred around liquid and illiquid assets.

-        For liquid assets, Schelcher Prince Gestion offers investment opportunities in: Absolute Return, Credit (short term and high yield), and Convertible Bonds.

-        For illiquid assets, we offer investment opportunities in: Corporate Private Debt and Transition Infrastructure.


Investors may avail of those two strategies through open-ended funds, dedicated funds, and mandates.


At Schelcher Prince Gestion, financial and non-financial analysis are central to our management strategy. We invest in all asset classes and regions with one simple objective: to offer our clients the best risk-adjusted performance.

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As a global alpha boutique, we seek to draw on our expertise in order to deliver consistent, long-term performance through active asset management.

All our strategies seek to deliver consistent, long-term financial performance, while quantifying and mitigating market risks and ensuring that we fully incorporate ESG criteria into our investment decisions.

Our investment philosophy has three pillars:

  • The “4 C’s”: Conviction, Contrarianism, Convexity, and Calibration
  • A collaborative approach involving the participation of various committees 
  • An integrated approach to identifying investment opportunities (combining both financial and ESG analysis)


We believe this approach allows us to optimise the risk-return profile of our portfolios.


The 40-strong Schelcher Prince Gestion investment team is made up of women and men recognised for their expertise and experience and driven by strong, shared convictions. Our investment managers and support teams have an average of 18 years’ experience, proven market expertise and a long-standing track record.



As an entity affiliated with Arkéa Investment Services (€67 billion AUM), Schelcher Prince Gestion enjoys the flexibility of a boutique asset management company when it comes to generating alpha, and the strength that comes from being a part of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group.

Arkéa IS has a multi-boutique model which pools together the asset management and private banking expertise of the different entities affiliated with Crédit Mutuel Arkéa. Each of those entities is renowned for its expertise, and all of them enjoy independence in their role as an asset manager.

Schelcher Prince is able to draw on the extensive technical and human resources of Arkéa IS when serving its clients (for instance, to perform financial and non-financial analysis).

This structure allows Schelcher Prince Gestion to focus on its core business: asset management.