Convertible bonds

Our multi-asset and convertible bond strategies combine our expert bond and equity investment skills to offer a fund range with something for everyone intended for all investors. Our range covers various investment horizons and risk exposure levels.


  • Our flexible funds invest in a broad investment universe that includes equities, government and corporate bonds, currencies and indices, and all geographic areas. This broad investment landscape can ensure resilience whatever the market conditions.
  •  Our convertible bond expertise covers the eurozone, Europe and the rest of the world via open-ended funds, dedicated funds and mandates. Convertible bonds are an asymmetric asset class that can participate in stock market gains while taking advantage of the protection afforded by bond markets.

With over €1.1 billion under management, our long-standing expertise adapts and evolves to meet our investors’ needs.

These ‘all-weather’ funds can adapt to various market configurations and offer investors the prospect of yield alongside expertly managed volatility. These funds seize market opportunities and protect capital during adversity.

Our expertise in diversification and decorrelation enable us to optimise bond portfolios or protect equity portfolios while keeping volatility under control.

Our investment management process combines a top-down macroeconomic approach to asset class allocation with bottom-up stock/bond picking to identify appropriate investments. Our investment process is enhanced by expert risk management that uses financial derivatives.

Schelcher Prince Gestion also manages Federal Finance Gestion funds:

Our convertible bond and multi-asset funds encapsulate Schelcher Prince Gestion’s specialist expertise. Our long-standing bond-market knowledge dovetails with fast moving equity markets to capture equity upswing and protect asset values during downturns.




Hubert Lemoine

Chief investment officer