19 December 2022

In order to improve the visibility of its product range and to make it more consistent for investors, Schelcher Prince Gestion renamed some of the funds in its listed assets range.

In terms of listed assets, Schelcher Prince Gestion offers the following expertise:

  • Credit (Short Term and High Yield)
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Absolute return 

This modification has no impact on performance objectives, investment process, risk management or fee structure.

Isin codes and S/R terms remain unchanged. 

The change of funds’ denominations is detailed in the table below.


Former name

New name

Areas of expertise

Schelcher Prince Obligations Court Terme ESG

Schelcher Short Term ESG


(Short term & High Yield)



Schelcher Prince Haut Rendement

Schelcher Global High Yield

Schelcher IVO Global Yield 2024

Schelcher IVO Global Yield 2024

Schelcher Prince Convertibles ESG

Schelcher Convertible ESG


Schelcher Prince Convertibles Global  World

Schelcher Convertible Global World

Schelcher Prince Convertibles  Mid Cap ESG Euro

Schelcher Convertible Mid Cap ESG

Schelcher Prince Obligation Moyen Terme ESG

Schelcher Flexible Short Duration ESG

Absolute return

Schelcher Prince Opportunités Européennes ESG

Schelcher Optimal Income ESG

SP Croissance

Schelcher Multi Asset


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