Regulatory disclosures

Intermediary selection and order execution policy

Schelcher Prince Gestion has defined a best selection policy and best execution policy in the interests of its clients (best selection and best execution policy and summary of brokerage fees). This policy has been implemented within the scope of Directive 2004/39/EC of 21 April 2004 (MIFID Directive), reinforced by Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 (MIFID 2 Directive) and the deregulation of the financial markets, ending the absolute obligation for financial intermediaries to send their clients’ market orders on a regulated market.


Intermediary selection and order execution policy

In accordance with the regulations in force, Schelcher Prince Gestion has established a conflict of interest policy with a view to ensuring the protection and primacy of its clients’ interests. Consult Schelcher Prince Gestion’s conflict of interest prevention and management policy.
By conflict of interest we mean any professional situation in which the independence or integrity of a person’s, company’s or organisation’s powers of assessment or decision may be influenced or altered by personal considerations or by pressure from a third party.


Voting Policy

Although the investment strategies implemented mainly concern debt securities and convertible bonds, Schelcher Prince Gestion has prepared a voting policy setting out the rules it intends to apply in terms of the conditions governing its participation in and vote at general shareholders’ meetings of companies held in its portfolio.

In accordance with its voting policy, Schelcher Prince Gestion did not exercise the voting rights attached to securities held in 2018.


Compensation Policy

Click on the link to read Schelcher Prince Gestion’s compensation policy


Swing Pricing

In order to protect the long-term interests of its unitholders, Schelcher Prince Gestion has chosen to implement a swing pricing mechanism in accordance with the AFG charter.

The implementation of swing pricing only concerns the funds for which such a mechanism would be advantageous. To obtain this information unitholders may notably consult the prospectus.

Swing Pricing Policy

Swing Pricing FAQ


ESG criteria and our investment philosophy

The integration of ESG criteria by Schelcher Prince Gestion is covered in this memorandum.

The Schelcher Prince Convertibles ISR Europe investment strategy fully integrates SRI criteria: Schelcher Prince Convertibles ISR Europe Code of Transparency



Schelcher Prince Gestion has prepared a memorandum about complaint handling.


What is a complaint?

A complaint is a statement recording a client’s dissatisfaction with respect to Schelcher Prince Gestion.

A request for service, information, clarification or advice is not a complaint.


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