Our investment philosophy

We are experts in active asset and wealth management.

Asset management is our sole focus and our unique goal is to generate long-term performance. As pure players, we are capable of providing you with finely tuned, comprehensive and value-creating expertise.

Our investment approach can be defined in two words: conviction and rationality. Our investment decisions are guided by the search for active capital growth combined with a rational approach to risk with the aim of preserving wealth over the long-term.

Each and every investment decision is made with full conviction. Each decision is anchored in profound economic and financial expertise and reflects our ability to constantly test, assess and adapt our expertise to serve our clients’ ambitions.

This is our commitment to you.



  • Conviction

Our convictions are shaped by the conclusions of our strategy and investment committees and frame our investment exposure (risk levels, interest rates, equities, credit, sectors, currencies, etc.).

  • Contrarianism

It can take contrarian thought to outperform markets.

  • Convexity

We retain investment ideas that limit negative effects and optimise positive ones.

  • Catalysts

Experience and strong market presence empower our managers to seize buying and selling opportunities.









Our investment process is based on a top-down analysis of the economic backdrop coupled with bottom-up analysis and stock selection.

Contrasting market and research temporalities are combined to underpin timely investment decisions.

Our investment process is based on generating investment ideas from technical, financial and extra-financial analysis and monitoring market flows and fund strategies.

The ideas are then challenged by the group and assessed on the basis of credit risk, valuation and expected performance. The risk-return ratio lies at the heart of all our decision-making.


Our overall investment framework is shaped by the conclusions of various committees:

  • A bimonthly strategic committee to guide investments.
  • A weekly convertible bonds committee in presence of the Chief Investment Officer, the convertible bond investment team and a credit analyst.
  • A weekly fixed income and credit committee in presence of the Chief Investment Officer, the fixed income and credit team and a credit analyst.
  • A weekly multi-asset funds committee.
  • A weekly analysis committee in presence of the Chief Investment Officer and the investment, financial analysis and ESG teams.


These committees bring together all of Schelcher Prince Gestion’s investment experts.


  • A monthly risk committee brings together the Deputy CEO, Chief Investment Officer and members of the risk control and compliance teams to review risk levels in the portfolios managed by Schelcher Prince Gestion


As asset managers, our investment decisions are made with a view to optimising the risk-return ratio. To better understand the risks involved in each investment, our financial and ESG analysts examine them from both a financial and extra-financial viewpoint.

As a result, our investment philosophy is nurtured by our financial and extra-financial analysis.

We have a specialised and dynamic research team (four analysts dedicated to financial analysis and six to extra-financial analysis), which focuses on opportunities and examines them in depth, enabling us to produce our own in-house analysis.

At Schelcher Prince Gestion, our conviction is that performance is best assessed as a whole.


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