Legal notices

Schelcher Prince Gestion is an asset management company with capital of €1.454.800 approved by the AMF under no. GP 01 136 and registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of Paris under number 438 414 377.

This website only describes funds that are authorised to be sold in France and that are accessible to French residents. In any event, persons or entities subject to restrictions prohibiting them from accessing the products or services described, such as US citizens, shall not be authorised to access said products or services.

This website has been created for information purposes only and in no event constitutes a marketing support, a means of soliciting business, a way to provide advice or an offer to buy or sell financial instruments. The information contained in the following pages is aimed at informing current or potential subscribers by describing certain financial features of the funds appearing in the full prospectuses. The investor alone shall deem whether or not the transactions he/she/it may carry out are appropriate. Schelcher Prince Gestion shall not be held liable for an investment or disinvestment decision based on the information contained in this website.

The purchase of shares or units in funds may entail risks. A fund’s net asset value may increase or decrease in accordance with market fluctuations and the investor may not recover the capital invested. As such, before any transaction, the investor must:

  • in order to understand the nature of the chosen funds, familiarise him/her/itself with the legal documentation regarding the fund (full prospectus, most recent annual report) as well as the most recent update. This information is freely available on our website: . These documents, which include information about risks, fees and costs, can also be obtained upon simple written request to: Schelcher Prince Gestion – 72 Rue Pierre Charron – 75008 Paris, France.
  • ensure that the chosen funds match his/her/its financial situation, investment objectives and the risks that he/she/it is prepared to accept.

It should be noted that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The figures cited on the following pages concern previous years. Past performance must not be the key component of the subscriber’s investment decision. In this respect, the other information provided in the reports for each fund must be taken into consideration. Lastly, the tax treatment relating to the investment in fund shares or units depends on the situation of each investor.

We therefore recommended that you consult your tax advisor.